Names of Yah
Names of Yah

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  1. ( J-E-S-U-S ) Is the name of Messiah that I was taught as a child, so if I gave myself to Him in that name; am I still SAVED?

    Answer: Absolutely, however once we learn that His taught ones never spoke that name, Should we continue to use it? If someone called me Bob, and then I told them that my real name is Anthony. If they said, I know but you know who I mean, would that be alright? Try this on a friend and then ask them if they feel disrespected or not?

    The book in English (Joshua) actually Yahusha, is the exact same Name as Messiah, because His real Name was given by an angel to Maryim His Mother. There are similarities, in that (Joshua) actually Yahusha; after Moses passed safely brought the children into the promised land.

    Likewise, Yahusha Messiah safely brought the promises of Salvation, and Eternal Life. Thus we have a banishment of the death sentence placed on our original parents! HalleluYah!

    So to answer the question: when I was a child I spoke as a child, but now I am grown, I will speak as one that is grown. No longer will I use a false Name to honor Our Heavenly Father Yahuah, and Our Messiah Yahusha. To continue using ( J-E-S-U-S ) after I found out His Real Name Yahusha, is an insult!

    The same applies to the Ten Commands which were never voided. They show us how to love Yahuah Our Creator, and how to love each other. The Law as they are called, show us how to have a good quality of life, and how to live in peace with our neighbors.

    The main ingredient of life is LOVE, and the Law of Yahuah teaches us LOVE that Starts with HIM, Yahusha Messiah, and then Us as His Children! Thus we have all in all, and the Kingdom of the Most High Alahim (Mighty One) will be established right here on Earth!

    Peace be unto you, And please help others to understand true doctrine. See: Isaiah 28:9. Anthony Dyous – 9-25-2022.

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