Did you know that the Heavenly Father has a Name? Yahuah-The surprising truth is that the name of the Creator of the universe is found 6,823 times in ancient Bible text, yet it was concealed by Bible translators who believed it was too holy to use. But the Bible challenges you to discover and use the only true, personal Name of the Creator and the Name of His Son, our Savior the only Name that gives salvation! Read some startling facts right out of the pages of your Bible. "Yah" is the last part of the word "Hallelu Yah." Hallelu Yah is the most ancient of all words of praise and means, "Praise YAH."

Our Messiah Yahusha is above all and over all that is, and all that shall ever be. Blessed is the name Yahusha! The name Jesus refers to the son of Zeus, which is handed down to us by the Roman ruler Constantine.

The Real Name of Messiah!
One of these two is of recent origin, and therefore a fraud:

"YAHUSHA" means "Yah is our deliverer" in Hebrew. "JESUS" seems to convey "hail Zeus" in Greek, and "the horse" in Hebrew (HE-SOOS).

Both cannot be true. Since there was no letter "J" on the planet Earth until around 1530 CE, one of these two is already exposed. To say "we speak English" isn't a defense of anything, since the "only name" given in which there is salvation is a Hebrew Name, not an English one (Acts 4:12). The letters used to convey the correct sound of the Name to call upon are in English. Neither of the two originated in English. Yahuah does not change, so the Name of our Messiah would not undergo alterations over time, unless another being tampered with it - such as an enemy! We know we must overcome the deceptions, and a very serious "stronghold" is the false name, which the anti-Messiah will use.

Yahusha Messiah's Name is found 219 times in Scripture.

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